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Sling with ergonomic training in ABS slip with adjustable skids.

Easy to use and accurate in aim, is surely the most popular thanks to the sling with adjustable slide under your arm that can give strength and properly set up the shot.

The elastic powerful and progressive, allowing for timed shots + Steel Balls 50 Pack


The sling is a small weapon launch manual consists of a handle that splits into two branches. Each end of the weapon is united by an elastic strap at the center of a patch is placed such as to accommodate the projectile. Can be mounted on a support for the wrist strap to avoid errors or shot wounds to the hands.

It is usually contested in the nondominant hand while the elastic bands are taut the other hand until the total voltage.

The goal is set to hit the fork in the middle of the weapon.

The origin of the weapon is relatively recent and can be traced back to the late nineteenth century. Following the process of vulcanization of rubber has led to production of substances that have good quality elastic and strong enough to withstand the traction. Using strings of this nature was almost immediate and it is conceivable that the wide dissemination of the weapon was already in the early twentieth century.

The discovery of the elastic fibers more and use the handle of lighter and stronger materials led to the production of slings with a launch capability significantly higher than those initials.

Sling, sometimes called sling

The sling is a type of ancient weapon launch

It was used by Roman soldiers, as also reflected in the depictions of the Trajan column.

I slingers were light infantry, specialized in using the sling or funds, a special sling that also hurled projectiles at long range.

Developed from ancient times, became the main weapon of some populations of the Mediterranean. Great slingers were the Rhodes, especially the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands, which began to be used as mercenaries by the Syracusans and the Carthaginians, soon followed by the Romans.

Their preparation began early. His father forced the child to strike a piece of bread at a certain distance. The boy could not eat until he could hit the target. The Balearics used to go into battle with three types of sling, twisted around the head. These were the long, medium and short range.

No one knows for sure how far he could get a sling, but according to some assumptions, this weapon also allowed to launch the projectile more than 300 meters away. Speaking of bullets, could be formed by simple stones or missiles acorns lead or terracotta. These guys were those used by Rhodes and the Balearic Islands, as they allow more drilling, more accurate and higher rate of fire.

An emblematic example is reported by Xenophon in his Anabasis. A curiosity about those acorns. They were usually carved or cast by indications that could bring the most varied things, from claims by the blessing of a deity to guide the bullet, the name of the pitcher. Roman Republican era, even the bullets were produced in series and there was engraved on a lightning alluded to the thunderbolt of Jupiter. Funda during the Roman Empire was completed with the sling pole (fustibalus). The slingers used as pieces of lead bullets or stones collected on the battlefield, which, thrown with these simple but deadly slingshots, could also smash the head of a man, even if protected from the helmet.

The only real protection against a slinger was the shield.

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